Carvana is a company that can assist you to locate, finance, and buy a high quality, modern car or truck. Unlike dealerships, they do not apply high-pressure sales tactics or require negotiation. In addition, due to this service the customers have an opportunity to save an average of $1,681 when compared to other dealerships including Kelley Blue Book. The company was founded in January 2013 by Ernie Garcia. It claims to never sell means of transport that have been in an accident, while offering delivery to your threshold or any other location you determine... read more


Nexersys is an exercise program that involves striking a body-sized target on many target pads. It was featured on the popular reality TV show Shark Tank in January of 2014. Since then, Nexersys has become more popular around the world and even calls itself a world leader in exergaming (a cross between exercising and video games). The device costs $2,500 (basic model) and $7,000 (commercial model), which is a luxury purchase for most buyers. It is exercise equipment for those who prefer to workout at home but don't have a personal trainer... read more

Color Genomics

Color Genomics is a genetics company that offers saliva-based tests able to analyze 30 genes within the human body. Those genes can influence such types of hereditary cancer as BRCA1 and BRCA2. The company deals with selling genetic predisposition tests, focused on hereditary cancer. The founders of the company are Elad Gil and Othman Laraki who used their experience they acquired at Google, Twitter, and Microsoft as well as Gil's doctorate in cancer biology. Their genetic cancer screening test was introduced in 2015... read more

Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic Cleaner is meant for the removal of dog and cat urine, vomit, feces, and drool. Since there is a great variety of such products available on the modern market, we will focus on the one that has become rather popular in the USA. It is Enzymatic Cleaner from the company called Sunny and Honey. The latter also offers a lot of other home cleaners including carpet cleaner, deodorizer solutions, bath system cleaners, and multi-surface stain removers. Their Enzymatic Cleaner is rated as number one in the country, at least by the manufacturer... read more

Air Dragon

Air Dragon is a special device that simply plugs into your car's 12V outlet. It is used to fill your tires fast and easily wherever you go. According to the manufacturer, it has a "powerful" micro-compressor, easy-to-read gauge, ergonomic handle, and long, flexible pressure hose. The company claims that this equipment will take away your fear from inflating tires. Just keep Air Dragon in your trunk or glove compartment and pull it out whenever you need it. Having this device in your car you won't need to rely on roadside service anymore... read more


Gigwalk is a company that was founded in 2010 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. It offers a mobile app to help the user to complete "gigs" posted by businesses that require specific services. In this way, you can earn money. You may need to take a photo of a product available at a certain store only, or you may be required to attend a local restaurant, have a meal and provide a detailed description of the service, food, etc. The application has been featured on CNET, CNN, and Forbes, and claims to be used by such companies... read more

TempurPedic Pillow

TempurPedic is a very popular company in the USA that made a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of memory foam mattresses. However, they also produce mattress toppers, pillows and even beds. Today we are going to talk about their pillows. This product also contains memory foam inside and is supposed to contour to the body's shape perfectly. It embraces your head without trapping heat the way an ordinary pillow does, as well as supports your neck properly... read more

Than Merrill Seminars

Than Merrill is an author who oversees CT Homes LLC and a real estate investor. He is also the founder of FortuneBuilders, a special program that is designed to teach students everything about how to make real estate investment a successful career. This guy is also a star of the HGTV series "Flip This House". His official website, ThanMerrill.com, is a resource that provides detailed information on his biography and different business ventures. Than is a famous person in the real-estate investment field - his company offers... read more

Fusion Juicer

Fusion Juicer is an "As Seen on TV" product that is manufactured by the company called TriStar Products. It is considered to be a "rapid nutrition vehicle" that promises to work more efficiently and faster than traditional juicers. Besides, this kitchen appliance is half cheaper. It was designed by Jason Vale, a juicing expert, nutritionist, and best-selling author from the UK. The Fusion Juicer contains steel blades of the surgical quality. They feature a sleek, compact design, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher... read more

Weider Pro 6900

If you want to conveniently work out in the comfort of your home or just to save money on a gym membership, getting an all-in-one home gym can be a good option for it. It will also allow you to save space in your house. The modern mrket offers a wide variety of full-body workout systems but which one is really worth your attention? Let's try to answer this question by looking at one of the most advertised home gyms nowadays. It is called the Weider Pro 6900 Weight System. This compact home gym allows you to perform a lot of different exercises... read more

TempurPedic Mattress Topper

TempurPedic Mattress Topper is the product that will improve the support and comfort of your present mattress. It is manufactured by the same company called TempurPedic. This topper is made with 3" of authentic Tempur material, completely removable and washable. In addition, it is allergen resistant and dust mite. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper is highly beneficial for human health. Thus, it reduces pressure points, provides a more restful sleep at night and some models even include a cooling gel foe better comfort... read more

TempurPedic Adjustable Bed

TempurPedic Adjustable Bed is a wonderful offer of the company that has been on the market for many years already. It carris the same name of TempurPedic and offers adjustable bases, beds, pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers and many other products. Adjustable bases are available in a number of options for you to choose. These are specially designed to improve the quality of your sleep, elevate your upper body, and provide you with a full-body ergonomic massage session... read more


Fundrise is a company that allows gaining direct access to powerful, private market of real estate investments in a simple way. Its eDirect technology claims to represent a good alternative to investing in the stock market. Actually, this technology is well-combined with new federal regulations, which is why it might be the biggest change in the industry. Investors are expected to enjoy up to 30-40 percent higher annual returns than those offered by the traditional public stock. According to the official website, this has become possible... read more


RealtyShares is a crowdfunding website that was founded by Nav Athwal in order to promote the development of real estate, as well as to help you diversify your portfolio and invest in professionally managed and pre-screened residential, retail, commercial, and mixed-use projects. The company does not only promise to help you buy shares in private real estate investments, but also to help companies access a new source of funding in order to get capital for their investments. You are probably familiar with such crowdfunding websites as... read more

Scott Yancey Seminars

Investing in real estate can be a good way to become rich and wealthy for a long period of time. After a popular TV show called A&E's "Flipping Vegas" star Scott Yancey decided to launch his collection of real estate investing seminars that are held across the country. He claims to have helped other people achieve success by teaching effective investment strategies about how to earn money. Each of these seminars teaches different content; however, Scott mainly focuses on four key areas: Commercial real estate... read more

Wunder Capital

Wunder Capital is a financial technology company based out of Boulder, CO, that funds different solar projects in the country. It is responsible for providing a renewable and clean source of energy, as well as offers its investors a strong cash flow for a long period of time, a diverse portfolio and low volatility. But the main thing is that Wunder Capital is able to fight climate change by using a software-enabled approach for gathering data. These algorithms can be used to pick and negotiate deals in a short period of time... read more

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is a company that was founded by Seph Skerritt in October 2008 and claims to assists their clients to create an ideal custom dress shirt. You are free to choose from 400 fabrics and dozens of style options. This custom shirtmaker differentiates from other companies of the kind with the fact that all this can be handled through a single website including sizing. The customer needs to use their proprietary Smart Sizes algorithm. In general, the ordering process includes four steps... read more

Better Brella

Better Brella is a special kind of umbrella that uses a Reverse Open Close technology. It helps to keep you dry like a normal umbrella but in reverse. By turning the traditional umbrella inside out, Better Brella creates a waterproof cone in the closed position. This provides two advantages. First, the umbrella makes getting in and out of a doorway or your car practical and simple, without getting wet. Second, when you are inside, all the wetness will be kept in the interior of the cone preventing dripping of water onto the floor... read more


SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription box providing clothing, fashion, and grooming items for males. Usually, those items include pocket squares, socks, ties, sunglasses, etc. You can get five or more items per month, as well as discount offers for brand retailers of men's clothing, such as cufflinks.com. Subscribers are also expected to receive coupon codes. Each month has its own theme specially designed to inspire clients to try something new and fashionable... read more

Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty Insurance is a company that was founded in 1984 by Frank and Louise Hagerty. It specializes in insuring antique and classic automobiles and boats. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and claims to have insured more than 25,000 motorcycles, 10,000 boats, and 700,000 vehicles, worth a total of $19 billion. Hagerty Insurance is much bigger than its specialty competitors. Compared to their competition, this company claims that the majority of their employees, whether in claims, customer service, or upper management... read more

NuWave Brio

NuWave Brio Air Fryer is a new product meant for cooking fried foods with almost no oil. This device allows you to cook fried foods in a short amount of time. The official website of the product is (mynuwavebrio.com) was registered in February 2016. It is clear that both the company and the product are quite new on the market. In order to get fried taste and crunch you are claimed not to be obliged to use any oil. It features intuitive digital interface and a three-quart capacity basket. The device is dishwasher safe... read more

Flawless Legs

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is a rechargeable appliance that offers four times more coverage than razors. It is advertised as a gold standard device for instant, painless hair removal with no need to use water or soap. The manufacturer claims that the device can be used almost anywhere. It features hypoallergenic 18K gold-plated floating heads that are gentle for any skin type and are able to contour to every curve of your body, including delicate areas around the knees and ankles. It also has built-in LED lights designed to make it... read more

Citi Prestige Card

Citi Prestige Card is one of the strongest cards available in the modern market when it comes to significant rewards for a traveler. If you are a traveler, it should be one of your most frequently used cards. Even though this card comes with a $450 annual fee, it comes packed with many benefits and perks for individuals who prefer to earn high travel rewards, such as airport lounge visits and complimentary hotel stay. Let's take a look as the major features of the Citi Prestige Card in this review for you to maximize the value of it for better travel conditions... read more

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